Garnering Support from Gen-Z

Garnering Support from Gen-Z

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This is a guest post from The Lung Association of Nova Scotia
(Member since 1996)


Kristen Binns
Communications Assistant/Co-Op Student

By 2025, Gen-Z will be approaching their thirties and have more money in their pockets, with disposable income to spend. However, some charities might have a difficult job convincing this generation their cause is worth investing in.

Gen-Z is the most diverse and technically-inclined generation yet, with a unique set of characteristics that are important for your organization to understand if you are looking to start building meaningful connections.

The Defining Characteristics of Gen-Z

Gen-Z, occasionally called Gen We, is loosely defined as the generation born between 1995 and 2010. Since their early youth, this generation has been exposed to the digital realm.

The defining characteristic possessed by Gen-Z is their high levels of motivation in the search for truth and justice in society. This defining characteristic has led to more openness and understanding of individual experiences, along with welcoming freedom of expression and rejecting labels and stereotypes.

In contrast to Millennials, Gen-Z is more likely to seek job stability than freelance work. They are less idealistic when it comes to money, being aware that they need to save for the future.

However, while Gen-Z may be less likely to spend money frivolously, they are highly motivated towards causes that fight for truth and justice.

How to motivate Gen-Z towards your cause

If you position your cause as a social injustice, Gen-Z will be more likely to connect and respond to your requests for support.

For example, instead of simply saying people are falling ill and need your support, try connecting the “why” people falling ill is an issue. Is it because of a gap in a system, corporations bending rules, or maybe an old policy that hasn't been updated in decades?

Look for an angle that uncovers the truth and gives direction on where justice can truly be found. You can then communicate that truth to Gen-Z.

The best channels to communicate with Gen-Z

Getting the right message is important, but it won't go far without using the right lines of communication.

Gen-Z can be reached through multiple channels of communications, some newer and some more traditional.

Believe it or not, email can be an effective way to communicate with Gen-Z. The majority of this generation have an email account and check it on a regular basis.

YouTube is a second platform that is popular among Gen-Z, more so than regular television programming.

Third, social media is an important method for communicating with Gen-Z. Instagram is currently the social media platform of choice among this generation, with TikTok on the rise after increasing in popularity over the past six months.

These platforms are not only where you will find Gen-Z, but they also present the advantage of being highly visual with the capacity to evoke more emotion.

It is time to start examining how your organization is connecting with this new generation while researching what else can be done to nurture these relationships.

The earlier you can build connections, the stronger they will grow.

Take time to focus on creating a mutually-beneficial relationship with Gen-Z to achieve goals that are important to both parties.

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