Fresh Grad Brings Fresh Thinking

Fresh Grad Brings Fresh Thinking

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Department of Labour and Advanced Education

Maigoro Yunana, a recent International graduate from Dalhousie University’s Mechanical Engineering Program is having an impressive impact at Green Power Labs.

Hired as a Building Energy Modelling Specialist with the company, Maigoro supports deployment of Predictive Building Control technology, a unique software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that proactively guides existing HVAC control systems and optimizes their operation in real time using high-resolution weather forecasting, artificial intelligence and occupants’ comfort preferences.

“Maigoro brings thoughtfulness and a new way of looking at things, which is of real value to the team. His outlook causes people to open up their thinking a bit more - outside of the usual mindset,” says Marlene Moore, Vice President of Marketing at Green Power Labs.

Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) made it that much easier for Green Power Labs to hire Maigoro. GTO provides a funding incentive for small businesses in Nova Scotia who hire recent, well-educated university and college graduates for meaningful jobs in their field.

“The GTO program has brought to Green Power Labs a capacity to hire this really excellent young graduate who brings to the team a diversity of opinion, a different way of looking at the world, a real sense of new ideas,” says Marlene.

Maigoro’s role allows him to test the skills he learned at Dalhousie at an accelerated rate.

“I am getting the opportunity to learn from very talented and experienced people. I get to work on building this project from the ground up, while learning how to successfully run a start-up business. In the future I want to be in an environment where I can continue creating something innovative and supporting the company’s growth” says Maigoro. “This has been a very important opportunity for me to be with a company that is building a product I completely believe in, while being given the responsibility to see it through to success.”

Maigoro chooses to see challenges as opportunities not set-backs. He brings this mindset to the table, as well as his detail-orientated approach to data handling, and his adaptiveness to technology and machine learning. Not only this, he is happy to have made Nova Scotia home.

“The beauty of Atlantic Canada is that it is big and small at the same time, “says Maigoro. “Here in Nova Scotia students need to understand that a lot of companies do not have huge recruiting budgets. Graduates almost need to meet them half way by networking continuously to find hidden job opportunities. The government helps by offering GTO to help businesses with a financial incentive to hire young graduates.”

Nova Scotia employers who are eligible for GTO can receive up to 35% of the grad’s first year salary and 12.5% of the grad’s second year salary from the Province.

“GTO is completely easy and accessible to use” says Marlene. “When I wasn’t sure of something the staff at the Department were exceptionally supportive. They even visited our workspace. We found the process very straight forward.”

Green Power Labs is thrilled to have Maigoro on a permanent full-time basis.

Stay tuned on Twitter for videos about Maigoro and other successful grads who are building their careers in Nova Scotia.

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