Every week should be Small Business Week!

Every week should be Small Business Week!

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Any small business owner will tell you that all their time (yes, 100% of it) is consumed in the first few years thinking about their business. It’s their passion, their baby, and their dream. They want to see it succeed, and they will do what it takes to ensure it does. I can share statistics with you on how much small businesses add to our economy and what levels of employment they provide. But what’s most important to know is that behind all these small businesses are hardworking entrepreneurs and teams of people adding to the diversity of our ecosystem each day.

The past couple of years have not been easy for anyone. As part of the “turning on” of our economic engine in Canada, this part of the economic recovery needs to be about small businesses. If there was ever a time to support a small business, it is now. The last quarter of this year needs to bring our economic engine roaring back in Nova Scotia, and we need to add fuel to this fire of recovery and growth.

Now is the time for you to show off your products and services. Share them with us, your Chamber Community of 1,850 members strong, and let us help celebrate your unique businesses and your offerings. Remember that there are no geographical boundaries to a borderless economy and the further you take your offerings, the greater and more diverse your consumers become. Let’s show the world how innovative and creative Nova Scotians are and how we aren’t just defined by one or two commodities — we have a lot more to offer that highlights exactly how unique our coastline is.

As a Chamber, one of the largest membership cohorts that we have are self-identified small businesses. The work we have done through the pandemic, engaging all levels of government, has been to support entrepreneurs and small businesses. Reach out to us at the Chamber, attend our events and our workshops, and consider the supports that are available through the Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia. In addition to all these supports, there are also programs local to Nova Scotia from a variety of organizations that are accessible and available to ensure you get to build your dream. These supports will ensure you continue to research, innovate, and develop new creative offerings while taking you to new shores. As always, you are also welcome to reach out to me should you have any thoughts on how else the Chamber can support you —this week and all weeks ahead.

With that, let’s all remember: every week is Small Business Week. These businesses don’t just exist in our communities; they provide employment, resources, and investments back into our communities. Find your unique experiences, your hidden gems, and your local delights. As much as you can, make sure every week is Small Business Week!

Connect with me at: weusthem.com

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