Engaging Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Engaging Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

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Sherri Robbins, Executive Director of Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon saw a gap in their marketing and communications efforts.

“We were a small team with a can-do attitude, so even though it didn’t feel like much of a gap at the time, it became very apparent that we could use the help,” said Sherri.

Through the Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) program, she was able to introduce a new position to the organization while getting help to cover some of the salary costs. The program also allowed her to realize what a young graduate can offer.

“The GTO program aligned so well with what I was looking for. I didn’t just need a strategic mind, I also needed a doer, someone to hit the ground running and get stuff done,” said Sherri.

Danielle Russell, a Newfoundland native, recently graduated with a public relations degree from Mount Saint Vincent University and was brought on as a marketing and communications coordinator. She says the GTO program has helped her transition from student-to-respected communicator.

“My name is now out there and my reputation as a communicator is growing. People know that the communication coming out of Blue Nose is me. The exposure I am receiving is great, within my first month I was sitting around a table with communications people from CBC,” said Danielle.

Danielle is working to streamline communications and give Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon a consistent voice. Sherri let’s her run with her ideas, so her creativity can flourish.

“We have a ‘let’s try it’ system, there’s often no pushback,” said Danielle.

Sherri says the value a graduate brings to the team far exceeds the investment.

“Danielle joined our team just before the race. She only had time to sink-or-swim, and she definitely swam! She’s already hosting social media contests to start an online conversation about Blue Nose. I’m happy government introduced this program, it’s so great for non-profit employers,” said Sherri.

The GTO program is one of the many ways government is helping prepare young Nova Scotians for work, and get a foot in the door to land good jobs here at home. The program encourages employers to take a chance on a recent grad, and provide them with the experience they need to grow and succeed here in the province.

Explore the benefits of Graduate to Opportunity at www.novascotia.ca/GTO.

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