‘Different and unexpected’

‘Different and unexpected’

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Heather Laura Clarke

The Discovery Centre is a beloved science centre for children and their families, but it also plays host to corporate groups throwing holiday parties, receptions, AGMs, award ceremonies, training sessions and off-site business meetings.

“It’s something different and unexpected,” says Jennifer Punch, Director of Marketing and Sales with the Discovery Centre. “The Discovery Centre comes with so much character and entertainment built in and it gets our corporate guests engaged in hands-on activities.”

The ultra-modern, open-concept 40,000-sq.-ft. facility can transform from a family-friendly play area into a sleek evening venue serving a three-course dinner for hundreds of executives.

“When there’s a new exhibit, it’s a great opportunity for a corporate group to book in and experience it together,” says Punch. “We can also arrange for some of our staffers to perform science demonstrations to entertain guests.”

Punch says the Discovery Centre’s corporate recess program gives teams an opportunity to break out of their routine, flex their creative muscles, bond with their colleagues and even improve their communication.

Hosting an event at the Discovery Centre is not only unique and unexpected, its an opportunity to give back. Many don’t realize the Discovery Centre is a not-for-profit registered charity that relies heavily on corporate event rental income in order to deliver its programming and offer new experiences for visitors.

“It’s our mission to engage families in STEAM — science, technology, engineering, arts and math — and grow the scientific economy here in Nova Scotia,” says Punch. “If your company believes in helping the next generation of science leaders, then the Discovery Centre is a good match for your generosity.”

Corporate groups can be scheduled throughout the day including early morning breakfasts and after-hours socials.

Punch says it’s easy to plan and execute an event at the Discovery Centre since there’s a full suite of catering services and audio/visual options, as well as on-site event organizers who can keep everything running smoothly.

“At the Discovery Centre, we know that children who engage in hands-on learning gain a deeper understanding of concepts. But why should kids have all the fun? This facility is a community asset to be celebrated and utilized by a variety of ages — including groups looking for a distinct venue,” says Punch. “It’s all about great events in unexpected places.”

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