Attract and retain top talent with an inclusive workplace culture

Attract and retain top talent with an inclusive workplace culture

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As organizations grapple with the current recruitment and retention challenges, employers are looking for effective ways to attract and retain top talent. What used to work years ago as hiring and retention practices is no longer enough. For today’s job seekers, an inclusive workplace is a key factor when they are deciding where they want to apply. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is now a must have, not just a nice to have. In fact, according to an ADP survey, over three quarters of workers would consider looking for a new job if they discovered there was an unfair gender pay gap or no DEI policy at their company.

An opportunity to redefine our workplace cultures

While we see that the number of Canadian companies that are adopting diversity, equity and inclusion policies is increasing, a gap still exists. A study from Express Employment Solutions found that only 40 per cent of Canadian companies report having a DEI policy, with another 17 per cent of companies planning to implement one.

Employees want to work for companies where they see themselves represented in the workplace and share common values. Employers ought to see this as a chance to adapt and redefine their workplaces, which includes embracing diversity, equity and inclusion, establish inclusive leadership, developing a DEI strategy and supportive internal committees. Businesses that cultivate inclusion can become employers of choice and gain a competitive edge in attracting new talent.

Approaching benefits with inclusivity in mind

As companies take steps to embed DEI into everything they do, they should also consider how inclusive their employee benefit plans are. At Medavie, we are always working to identify opportunities to become a more inclusive health solutions partner – for instance, by introducing a Gender Affirmation Benefit through Medavie Blue Cross, which increases access and financial support for plan members throughout the gender transitioning journey. Also, a fertility benefit that offers members expanded opportunities for those seeking support for family planning.

Applying DEI to employee benefits goes beyond just the offerings. It’s crucial that employees see DEI implemented in accessing benefits too. This means updating business forms, client communication and systems to ensure they use inclusive and gender-neutral language.

DEI drives performance and employee engagement

Inclusive workplaces build environments that increase productivity through things such as improved job satisfaction, engagement and motivation. In fact, a study from McGill University found that when employees are able to be authentic at work, they are more satisfied, less likely to experience depressive symptoms and, overall, the organization is poised to leverage more creative ideas and diversity of thought.

The path forward

We are all learning and adapting as we continue our path to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. Through this process, we will continue to make new discoveries and adjust as necessary. At Medavie, we understand the important role each of us plays in championing a culture where we are all comfortable bringing our true selves to work and feel like we belong. We want to encourage all employers to continue to take meaningful steps to create inclusive workplaces and to share important learnings along the way.


Jennifer Taylor, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Medavie, leads the execution of the organizations DEI Strategy. Jennifer works in close collaboration across the business on the development, implementation, promotion and evaluation of DEI initiatives, while monitoring emerging trends to influence future initiatives across the organization. Jennifer is focused on employees, patients, clients and the communities that Medavie serves to collect their diverse perspectives and experiences to advance the wellbeing of Canadians. Jennifer works daily to create a culture at Medavie where employees are comfortable bringing their true self to work, and inspiring other organizations to do the same.

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