All about the people

All about the people

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This is a guest post from NTT DATA
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Sara Ericsson

NTT DATA is a recognized leader in global business and technology services with more than 120,000 professionals worldwide and is a company feeling really excited about its offerings in one place in particular: Canada. And even more specifically, it’s a company that feels that place has one spot that has become particularly exceptional: Halifax.

NTT Data Canada Inc. Senior Vice-President John McCabe oversees the company’s corporate development in Canada and says as the company seeks to grow its company across Canada, it feels confident its current offerings in Halifax will become a key component of that growth and expand alongside it as its workforce continues to provide industry-leading services to its clients.

McCabe and Halifax operations Senior Director Roger Lynch both agree that the stellar work and customer service provided by the Halifax staff is the not-so-secret reason behind the centre’s success.

“The ability to attract and retain the best talent in the market is critical. The key is to make sure you’ve got the right people supporting your clients and we’ve got that in Halifax,” says McCabe.

What happens in Halifax

NTT DATA’s Halifax delivery centre is a multi-practice operation that provides services in almost every facet of IT including infrastructure applications, automation, cloud computing, IT security and help desk. Lynch says the branch is seen by clients as a reputable and knowledgeable centre where their issues or questions are resolved in a timely and organized manner and one whose proximity as a near-shore offering is deeply valued.

“We’re in a great time zone here where we overlap the United States and Europe quite nicely and have had continued success with many clients we’ve served for years,” says Lynch.

McCabe says the company is looking at growing its offerings in Canada and expects the Halifax delivery centre to play a vital role in this expansion, thanks in large part to the extensive experience its 700 employees have with NTT DATA clients from across North America and the work they’ve taken on with its growing number of Canadian clients, which include industries like financial services, health care and the public sector.

“As these opportunities grow, so too will demand for the work of the Halifax delivery centre and more work will be brought in through new clients, particularly Canadian ones, who want their work delivered in Canada versus offshore,” says McCabe.

Industry shift

Times are exciting for the company, as McCabe says NTT DATA is ready to respond to what he calls the most significant shift the industry has seen in more than three decades from providing more general IT services and processes, to a focus on digital to help grow and prepare a client’s business for the future.

And with one of the company’s widest-ranging list of services supplied right from Halifax, any future growth that happens in Canada will also grow the Halifax delivery centre.

“This shift and the future are exciting for us because our strength is that we understand our clients’ businesses and have the depth and understanding of the industry as it stands. We use this combination to push their agenda forward,” says McCabe. “That package of capabilities is one of our biggest strengths in terms of differentiating ourselves in the market and that is very much thanks to the services supplied out of Halifax.”

Lynch says this ability stems from the local talent pool of young, educated graduates from universities and colleges who are ready to face this digital age head on.

“The value of that kind of experience coming in locally goes beyond saying,” he says.

All about the people

Lynch says putting clients first as it delivers services and solutions will always be a top priority.

“When a client comes to visit our delivery centre, they aren’t just isolated to their own account’s team members. Representatives from other accounts will talk to them, welcome them to the office, discuss capabilities and give them the full experience of what we offer,” says Lynch.

He also says the exceptional work environment of the Halifax delivery centre has resulted in the long tenures of many employees, including his own of
19 years. The centre supports its employees through mental health support, diversity and inclusion-focused programming and social events and has received recognition as a top employer in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.

McCabe says this support also extends to the wider Halifax community, where the company supports initiatives like Ladies Learning Code, open innovation contests, technology camps, the Manulife Dragon Boat Festival, Feed Nova Scotia initiatives and Shelter Nova Scotia’s Metro Turning Point, among others. He says giving back has always been a crucial company component and is a deciding factor for many new employees evaluating work opportunities.

And so by staying involved and fostering community in the office and outside of it, McCabe says NTT DATA will continue leading with people first.

“People are at the heart of everything we do — from our clients to our own workforce to the companies that we align with.” says McCabe.

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