Nova Scotia Provincial Election - Get out and vote!

Do you know what the leaders of the major political parties think about business-related issues?

Do you know who the candidates are in your riding? What are their opinions on the business environment in Halifax?

2017 Nova Scotia Provincial Election information

Who are the candidates? Use Elections Nova Scotia’s online tool to find the candidates in your Electoral District.

Are you registered to vote? Visit Elections Nova Scotia’s Vote Registration page to find out if you are on the list.

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Chamber Members;

The Halifax Chamber is very interested in how the parties intend to better your lives, businesses and futures here in Halifax. We would like to know what you have heard. If a candidate or representative knocks on your door please reach out to us and let us know what they said. We have a few standard questions to get you started. You can of course ask your own questions and we would love to know the answers to those too!



  • What is your Party’s vision for Halifax for the next four years?
  • How do you plan on turning this vision into reality?


  • Will your party strive for a balanced budget? If, yes, how will this be accomplished?
  • Will your platform adjust for the chamber’s requested reduction in departmental spending?


  • How will you reduce corporate and personal taxes for Nova Scotians?
  • Will you support indexing personal income tax brackets for all Nova Scotians?


  • What will your party do to reduce red tape for businesses in Halifax?
  • Do you have any ideas how to ensure an open for business climate in Halifax?

Skilled Workforce

  • How will your party improve talent retention in Halifax?
  • Will your party increase the amount of provincial immigration funding?

If you have any questions you can reach Kathleen MacEachern, Policy Analyst at or 902-481-1351 or Nancy Conrad, Senior VP of Policy at or 902-481-1231.

Party Responses

HCC-Party Platform-Breakdown-May 24th

Government role on supporting economic growth

On May 1, the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce submitted a letter to NS party leaders asking for their position on government’s role in supporting economic growth to create an environment that allows businesses to compete and grow.

Letter to NS Party Leaders

Liberal Party Response to Letter: Response

NDP Party Response to Letter:Response

Conservative Party Response to Letter: Response

For more information please contact Glenn at the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce at or 902-292-012.