Kristin Johnston
Kristin Johnston, Bikram Yoga Halifax

Feeling stressed or groggy at work?

A great way to release some of that stress is Pranayama Deep Breathing. This breathing exercise promotes mental relaxation, decreases anxiety and irritability. This breathing exercise also stimulates blood circulation and brings fresh oxygenated blood to every cell of the body.

STEP 1: Feet together, toes and heels touching for a strong base. Interlace your fingers and glue them under your chin.

STEP 2: Inhale. Mouth closed, breathe through your nose for 6 counts. Slowly raise your elbows sideways as high as they go until they almost frame your face. Keep your chin perfectly planted to your intertwined knuckles without bending forward. Raise your arms on the side, keep them straight and don’t ever bend your wrist.

STEP 3: Exhale by your mouth (the sound is as though you are fogging up a mirror) Push your head back with the help of your hands and try to see the wall behind you. Bring your palms together, forearms and lastly your elbows touch far away from your chest, parallel to the floor.

(Need a visual? Check out this video for more instructions.)



Sitting at a desk all day?

Half moon posture reduces and eliminates lower back pain, gives quick energy and vitality, increases the flexibility of the spine and strengthens all the body’s central muscles.

Half Moon yoga pose

Half Moon

Traveling for work and need to ring out your spine?

Spine twist is the answer! This posture compresses and stretches the spine from bottom to the top. It relieves lower back pain and helps prevent slipped discs, rheumatism of the spine, scoliosis, cervical spondylosis and arthritis. It increases hip and back flexibility. And it also improves elasticity, flexibility, circulation and nutrition to the spinal nerves, vessels and tissues.

Spine twist yoga pose

Spine Twist

Kristin Johnston, owner and yoga teacher at Bikram Yoga Halifax, has been practicing Bikram yoga since 2005. Starting out at her brother’s studios in Montreal, she practiced as often as possible, but really discovered her love of and dedication to Bikram after she partook in a 30-day challenge. In November 2010 she completed her nine week intensive teacher training in San Diego, CA. and began teaching in Montreal. She taught in Montreal for 10 months until she moved to Halifax in October, 2011. Kristin visited Nova Scotia for the first time in June 2010 and fell in love with this very beautiful and diverse province. In particular, she felt extremely comfortable and grounded in Halifax and hoped to one day make it her home. Kristin is here to share her love of this world famous yoga with anyone interested in improving their life.

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