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Megan Seto, Lawyer, McInnes Cooper
Robb Baird
Robb Baird, Lawyer, McInnes Cooper

On October 5, 2015, the Canadian government agreed to the historic Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Billed by trade and cross border specialists as a “deal of a generation”, this new free trade agreement will significantly expand the potential importing and exporting partners and opportunities for many Canadian businesses – both large and small.

For a primer on free trade and the TPP and to learn the five key sectors the TPP will affect and the import/export opportunities it opens for them, read McInnes Cooper’s Legal Alert: Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Expands Export / Import Opportunities. You can read more of McInnes Cooper’s Legal Publications at

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Megan Seto is a lawyer in McInnes Cooper’s Halifax office. A member of its Cross-Border Law and Tax Solutions Teams, Megan is fluent in Taishanese and has a solid working knowledge of Cantonese. You can reach Megan at

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