Megan Seto
Megan Seto, Lawyer, McInnes Cooper

The market for the sale and the supply of goods is a global one for many businesses in today’s economy. Both exporting goods from, and importing goods into, Canada can be a complex journey for any business, especially for first-timers or small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). There are alot of players, alot of information to process – and alot of decisions to make. One of the most crucial: selecting the country to target for export or from which to import.

Here are 3 key ways that choosing a country with which Canada has a free trade agreement can simplify the journey, making it faster, less costly, and more certain.

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Megan Seto is a lawyer with McInnes Cooper. A member of its Cross-Border Law and Tax Teams, Megan is fluent in Taishanese and has a solid working knowledge of Cantonese. You can reach Megan at