Peter Skakum
Peter Skakum, Tangent Strategies

On New Year’s Eve I had the pleasure of watching the 1951 sci-fi, movie classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

dayIn one scene Patricia Neal’s character and her insurance salesman boyfriend (actor Hugh Marlowe) are talking in his car. He’s plying her with reasons why she should give him an answer to his marriage proposal. She flatters him by telling him he’s a good salesman, because he is being so persistent, but says she still needs more time to ‘think about it’ before giving him her answer. He replies, “A good insurance salesman wouldn’t give you time to think about it.”

REALLY ???? !!!  Are your salespeople still selling like 1951-era insurance salesmen?

I wasn’t surprised that by the end of the movie Marlowe’s salesman character proves to be a selfish, greedy man that Neal’s character ultimately dumps.