The Halifax Chamber of Commerce has started its campaign to mobilize those in favour of Sunday shopping.

The Chamber is encouraging members and all Nova Scotians to make sure their provincial representatives know they are saying YES to change. It has created a letter people can print, sign and fax to their MLA to express support for the deregulation of store hours.

“It’s time to move forward,” said Valerie Payn, president of the Chamber. “That’s why we’re saying YES to Sunday shopping. The 2004 plebiscite did not accurately reflect what the majority of Nova Scotians wanted. The questions were very confusing.”

In the 2004 plebiscite only 48 per cent of the voters—those who voted yes—should have gone on to the second question. But 83 per cent of voters answered the second question, choosing some form of Sunday shopping.The disparity shows a lack of clarity, which makes the results unreliable. Because of an unclear set of questions, the Chamber feels voters didn’t get the chance to truly express their views.

Now, two years later, the tide of support to eliminate the over-regulation of retail store hours is too great to ignore. People are voting with their feet every Sunday with an impressive show of support for retailers. Now it’s time for those in favour of change to be as vocal as those against it.

“I had to shake my head when on a recent newscast a person who was very much against Sunday shopping was interviewed as she left a store with a full cart of groceries,” said Payn. “The woman said this was an emergency situation and that she never thought she would shop on a Sunday and would never do it again. Luckily no one would ever force her to shop when she doesn’t want to. However, I believe everyone should have the choice to shop when they do.”

Saying YES to Sunday shopping is an obvious choice. But it’s time for Nova Scotians to be vocal about it. For more information go to www.halifaxchamber.com and click on the YES button.