Janet Tobin
Janet Tobin, Director of Marketing & Communications

September in the international fashion world means:

• the long awaited ‘September issue’ hits the stands highlighting fabulous fall fashions;

• new designers showcase their Spring/ Summer look books; and

• spectators and buyers get decked out for the illustrious fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, London and New York.

It’s  the time of year where the fashion industry takes the world by storm,  proving once again why fashion is one of the largest and still fastest  growing businesses in the world.

The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and some  Canadian cities – like Halifax – are really starting to grab at a piece  of the pie. As we saw in our July/August issue of Business Voice, Halifax  has been a hotbed for activity in Canada’s fashion world and, in a city  that has a history of craft, this should come as no surprise.

Great  local designers such as Turbine, Chloe Comme Parris, LouLou Bell and  Michque are making their mark on the national and international stage  (or runway) showcasing their work at the Golden Globes, Cannes and the  Toronto Film Festival. Atlantic Fashion Week, now in its fifth year,  is growing with this past June’s event showcasing more than 20 local  and emerging designers. The 21st Annual NSCAD Wearable Art

show in April was a huge hit and a chance for textile and fashion students to showcase their creativity and work.

At a recent photoshoot for Business Voice I had the opportunity to meet three young budding fashion students:  Alyssa, Allison and Alexandra. All three are at different stages of  their fashion and textiles course at NSCAD and all three are interested  in different aspects of the fashion industry, but all three certain  the Halifax fashion industry is on the cusp of something great.

When  asked if they planned on moving to a fashion mecca such as New York for  work one responded quickly with, “Maybe at first, but I know I’ll be  back, something big is happening here.”

And it’s not just the  students that are taking notice. In recent years Halifax has seen a  flurry of local fashionistas turning out blogs on everything from hidden  Halifax shopping treasures to the impact of East Coast style on the  runways. Be sure to check out Ally and L-A’s thoughts on fashionablethings.com and you won’t be disappointed with Haute Halifax, which delivers style with local relevance and  appeal, highlighting all things fashion in in Halifax.

As both Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the Centre for Arts and Technology kick start  their fall semesters for their program in fashion and textiles and  fashion design with more students than ever before, and as local  designers prepare their fall lines for consumption around the world,  it’s increasingly obvious this really is the beginning of something  big for Nova Scotia fashion.