Rana Hamodah
Rana Hamodah, DASC

Facebook and Twitter have become an important part of our day-to-day lives, and are often one of the first things we check when we wake each morning.  These social networking tools have opened a new opportunities for not-for profits and social enterprises like DASC – a channel to advertise our message!

Having a profile on Facebook and Twitter gives social enterprises the ability to engage with donors, customers and the community in a way that is easily accessible, time efficient and interactive. Followers keep up-to-date on recent news, developments, contracts and initiatives at their convenience. Having a social media presence also provides the opportunity to quickly answer any inquiries and requests from the community.

Not-for-profits and social enterprises can use their existing networks of contacts, who can all play a part in promoting the organizations on social media. Facebook and Twitter users can encourage like-minded friends and colleagues to follow their favourite pages, producing even more promotion and awareness of who they are and what they do. This is all a part of the exciting new age of online sharing and personal connectedness.

Best of all, Facebook and Twitter are entirely free to use!  Not-for-profits are always looking for advertising that is cost effective and successful. Using these sites gives social enterprises like DASC the ability to showcase the amazing work we do.

Use of social media is a first step into a technology-driven future. It provides us with a way to share our message and grow successfully into the future.

Rana Hamodah is the Business Development Specialist for DASC (Dartmouth Adult Services Centre). DASC is a non-profit vocational day program for adults with an intellectual disability. DASC is one of the biggest suppliers of communion bread in Nova Scotia; has produced millions of buttons such as political buttons and sports buttons; provides contract packaging services including packaging from bulk, hand packing, shrink wrapping, labeling, and heat sealing; and provides mailing services such as folding, inserting, collating, bundling, and stapling all types of mail.