Peter Skakum
Peter Skakum, Tangent Strategies

What if your prospective customers trusted your salespeople to be professionally objective and impartial? What if your salespeople always had their prospects’ best interests at heart, learned exactly what they needed and always guided them to the best buying decisions? Even if the best buying decision might be, on occasion, not to buy at all?

  • Would employing such salespeople diminish or enhance your company’s reputation & bottom line?
  • What would cause salespeople to become so professionally objective and impartial and trusted?
  • Would a target audience be more likely to avoid or welcome the advances of such salespeople?
  • How might that affect their morale, likelihood of absenteeism and loyalty to their employer?
  • Would retention of such salespeople be advisable and if so, easier or more challenging to do?
  • Would this caliber of salesperson improve or diminish the reputation of professional selling?
  • How might the improved reputation of selling affect our economic bottom lines and lifestyles?

*Contributed by Grow HALIFAX collaborator, Tangent Strategies