Peter Skakum
Peter Skakum, Tangent Strategies


Your boss blames you. Your prospective customers avoid you. Worse yet, you blame yourself for not closing enough sales. You are sent for sales training to learn how to become more proficient at convincing people to buy, but your closing rate remains low.

This story plays out throughout North American business daily. Otherwise personable, well groomed, product-savvy salespeople are finding it increasingly difficult to convince prospects to buy. Sell-cycles lengthen, costs per sale increase, while per sale profits decline. Employers complain how tough it is to find, attract and keep good salespeople. Here is why.

Today’s buyers no longer tolerate ‘convincing’ as part of selling and they avoid those who persist. What today’s buyers do welcome, respect and give their business to are salespeople who have learned to:

  • stop CONVINCING.
  • patiently stay in touch, earn trust and be available when buying needs arise.
  • patiently encourage and answer buying questions, provide objective, impartial advice and help customers make the most informed buying decisions.
  • graciously take no for an answer, but cordially stay in touch for future selling opportunities.

The sooner we realize that selling is a service and not a stick to beat prospects into submission and that the word selling is not a synonym for ‘convincing’, the sooner sell-cycles will shorten, costs decrease, profits increase and the sooner salespeople and their bosses will increase sales.

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