On February 26th the Halifax Regional Council will be voting to accept in principle, the downtown vision gathered in the HRMbyDesign process. The Halifax Chamber of Commerce strongly urges council to approve this vision and to begin looking to the future of our city.

“After more than a year of consultations, meetings and planning, it is now time to stop talking and to take action,” says Valerie Payn, Chamber President, “by no means would this be the end of the process but the alternative to saying YES is to say NO and not approve what has been done to date and that would inevitably bring any progress made to a grinding halt.”

“This plan and the process of HRMbyDesign has sparked a broad interest in the urban core like few others things ever have,” continues Payn. “Approving the downtown vision is the first step towards the future, but the challenges are just beginning. But we are also at the beginning stages of progress, of movement towards creating a more vibrant, liveable city, and that is very exciting.”

“If this plan does not get approved and if we don’t embrace it with all our might we will have wasted yet another opportunity to kick start our great little city into the future,” says Payn.

The Chamber has been very active in the process, along with other business groups and has remained a strong and visible group throughout the process. To help support the approval of this plan the Chamber revived its YES campaign encouraging Haligonians to make their voices heard by sending faxes, emails, phone calls and letters to their municipal councillors to make sure they say YES to HRM by Design and YES to a renewed, vibrant, liveable downtown core.