a Positive Business Environment

Create a Positive Business Environment Task Force LogoThis task force is driven by five key elements:

Promote entrepreneurship
Reduce the tax burden
Champion common sense regulations
Capitalize on major projects
Help build a vibrant downtown core.

The Chamber is committed to achieving these goals through defined metrics to track our success. Stay tuned for updates and successes stories.

Task Force Chair 


This Task Force is led by Paul Bent, CPA, CA, ICD.D. Paul recently retired after a 37 year career in public accounting, 35 of which were with Grant Thornton LLP.  Paul served in a number of roles over his 25 years as a Partner in the Firm including as a client service partner, a member of the Firm’s professional standards team and for the last 4 years of his career, Chaired the firm’s National Partnership Board. In addition to his experience and insights gained from his time in public accounting, Paul has been an active member in the Chamber for a number of years.

Paul brings significant energy and enthusiasm to the role and is fully aligned with achieving the goals of the Chamber as laid out in the strategic plan.  Paul is fortunate to have a Committee comprised of dedicated volunteers from a broad cross-section of Chamber members who similarly share the goals and objectives of making Halifax one of the top growing and progressive cities in Canada.

Task Force Work

The Create a Positive Business Environment Task Force plays a major role in shaping the Chamber’s advocacy work. The Chamber consistently communicates the needs of the business community to the provincial, municipal, and federal governments.

  1. Provincial Pre-Budget Submission
    • Our provincial budget submissions outline the Chamber’s major positions on critical issues such as taxation, regulation, and fiscal responsibility.
  2. Municipal Pre-Budget Submission
    • Our municipal budget submissions focus on important issues such as regional planning, transit and property taxes.
  3. Chamber’s formal response to proposed Federal tax changes to small business
    • On behalf of the 1,600 members (83% of which are small businesses) of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Patrick Sullivan wrote to the Department of Finance Canada to share our concerns regarding the unintentional impacts of the Department of Finance Canada’s July 18, 2017 white paper and the proposed changes to private corporation tax policies.
  4. Municipal Issue Note
    • The document outlines the progress the city has made in the past year as well as areas for improvement. Issues of focus include balanced budgets through expenditure reduction, timely service standards, and a corporate culture to support business.

Want More Information About What is Happening Downtown?

  1. Planning and Design Centre’s Halifax Development Map

  2. Big Lift Updates

  3. Cogswell Interchange Redevelopment Project

  4. Shannon Park Redevelopment


Our YES! Campaign

Yes Button Blue

Let’s start with YES! 

Success with this goal is starting with YES!

The top 5 languages that are spoken in our region today are highlighted on the pin, to encourage inclusiveness.

  1. English: Yes
  2. French: Oui
  3. German: Ja (Yah)
  4. Arabic: Na’nm (Nam)
  5. Mandarin: Shi

We think it’s time to bring back this message, to everyone that resides in Halifax, to actively and proactively promote a positive yes-first attitude.

  • Yes to growth
  • Yes to diversity
  • Yes to innovation

Our hope is that when someone asks about the YES! pin, let them know you:

  • Support growth
  • Support entrepreneurship,
  • Support retaining our graduates,
  • Support our immigrant population,
  • and Support the major projects in our region.

Creating a positive business environment starts with YES! and YOUR positive attitude.