Judith Richardson, MA, BA, B.Ed, MEC,

Written by Judith Richardson, MA, BA, BEd, MEC, Executive Coach at C-Level Executive Solutions


The difference between one week’s doubt and another week’s successes is where I focus my power of intention. I take my attention off my doubts and place it on how to grow and improve my skills and leadership. I generate power by taking constructive action steps. In short, I redirect my power of intention.

Champion – Short and Simple

Call Champion (or word of your team’s choosing) – both when seeing champion attitude AND when someone is exhibiting “less” than champion attitude – this works well in pressure situations and when I hear it, I am invited to choose to change my state.

Cultivating Peak Performance – Strategic Acknowledgement

Tell team members what they did right – expect to catch them doing the right things – don’t say “good job” – tell them what they did right and how it improves results

Alignment –Guiding Principles or Organizational Values

Your team will be measured by how it lives the values – know them and encourage understanding.

Humour – Positive and Constructive

Humour increases productivity — unproductive humour challenges success and tears people down.  Laughing in response to something funny is a very sophisticated brain function that sweeps our entire cerebral cortex and is terrific for mental flexibility.


Where appropriate – strive to involve team players in solutions so they have ownership

Arguing for Your Limitations – Cut the Crap Moment

“Yeah buts” abound – they constantly complain about life – make excuses for why things aren’t working out – attract the same chaotic patterns around them.  Why – in this precious moment – would you choose to focus on all that is limiting you – -energy flows where attention goes – “cut the crap” – consciously choose to focus on what promotes success.

Building Evidence – Incremental Change

If I consistently notice what I don’t want – that becomes my focus and I will see the behaviour/actions of my team members deteriorate.  If I choose for my storyline to be that I work with skilled professionals – then I build evidence of my teammates showing up as skilled professionals.   I identify what I want that may appear to be missing in my current perception, use that evidence to get clear on what I do want (or the storyline I want to tell) and begin noticing it and/or telling it.  As I focus on this new evidence and expand my awareness of it, it flows into my life.

What Voice Am I Choosing to Feed?

Tell the story of your work life and organization that instills pride!

About the Author:  Judith Richardson, MA, BA, B.Ed, MEC

Recipient of International Coach of the Year, Canadian Progress Club Women of Excellence Award as Entrepreneur and Innovator, and the Saint Mary’s Distinguished Community Service Award, Judith works and plays across North America, Europe, Jamaica, Siberia, Australia, Sweden, Israel and Russia.  Working with C-Level Executive Solutions, Judith Richardson is a recognized Organizational Strategist and Executive Coach, inspirational speaker, and influential teacher.  She combines exuberant optimism and play with seriously-honed skills, limitless thinking, a piercing intelligence and an uncanny ability to weave in concrete concepts – grounding vision when we aren’t even aware of it.