Becky Davison
Becky Davison, Marketing Manager
Jennifer Pierce
Jennifer Pierce, Member Services Specialist
Lindsay Burns
Lindsay Burns, Marketing & Sponsorship Specialist

Open City is a yearly event put on by I Love Local Hfx. About 150 local businesses, restaurants, shops and venues opened their doors, put on specials, handed out samples, had special take-out menus, and encouraged Haligonians to get out and appreciate their city.

The theme for this year’s event, which took place May 10, was LIVE LIFE LOUD. According to the website, “when we say we want you to LIVE LIFE LOUD, we mean we want you to try new things, to get out of your house – and maybe your comfort zone, and explore new tastes, new experiences, new culture, and meet new people.”

Several Chamber staff members spent the day exploring, and came back to file the following reports:

Lindsay Burns, Marketing & Sponsorship Specialist:

My first stop was at Liquid Gold for some pretzel sampling. The pretzels were seasoned with chipotle olive oil or garlic olive oil. Yum! I also redeemed a #GetGifted gift for a free bottle of olive oil. After sampling serval different types, I opted for the Meyer Lemon. I couldn’t let it stand on its own, so I also purchased a Blackberry Ginger vinegar to compliment it. My future salads will taste delicious!

Next stop was Onyx for some yummy eats, but they had sold out. I guess I just have to return to their new location to sample their tasty treats.

Then I popped by the Discovery Centre. They had tax free shopping for the afternoon. I browsed the shop for a while and caught a glimpse of a cool reptile show.

All of the traipsing around the city had me thirsty so we ventured across the street to Obladee where I enjoyed a lovely glass of red while listening to some great jazz tunes!

Becky Davison, Marketing & Communication Specialist:

My partner Tim and I started our day on the Dartmouth side with a stop into Power Promotional Concepts and the Dartmouth Clothing Company’s pop-up shop to look at their shirts. We each have a buy local and Dartmouth t-shirt, so we passed on buying one today. We walked throughout the downtown and checked out some of the new businesses opening up. We took the ferry across and explored the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and tasted some Nova 7 at Bishop’s Cellar. It was great to see the downtown full of energy despite the overcast weather and the threat of rain!

Jennifer Pierce, Member Services Specialist:

My husband, son Jefferson, and I piled into the family car for a day of enjoying local products and services.

Our first stop was the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, where we were hoping to score a deal on a Mother’s Day feast of bacon and sausage, but alas, they were sold out. I guess in this case the early bird gets the… bacon!

On the way out of the market we stopped by the sketch station set up by NSCAD to promote their Artist for A Day workshops. I drew a really lifelike portrait of the busker singing beside us – while Jefferson enjoyed the music!

Our next stop was Garrison Brewing, where a pop-up shop was selling Philly Cheese Steaks, made with local beef and melted brie. Delicious! We also stopped to talk to a gorgeous Great Dane puppy outside the brewery – it was great to chat with other locals with everyone out and about for the day.

Despite the breezy day, we also walked along the waterfront where we found the little-kid jackpot: firetrucks!

I also walked up to Freak Lunchbox, where the proceeds from the day were donated to the IWK Health Centre Foundation. The cashier and I agreed that when it’s candy for charity, they are karma calories and don’t count.

As we headed home we stopped on the Dartmouth side to visit Power Promotional Concepts and the Dartmouth Clothing Company pop-up shop.

If you would like to request a member visit please contact Jennifer Pierce, Member Services Specialist. She can be reached at (902) 481-1227 or