Valerie Payn
Valerie Payn, President & CEO

Recently, the Chronicle Herald published an article entitled “Revolve snags $217,000 contract to rebrand Halifax”. While the article was informative and thought-provoking, I happened to also read the comment section below cluttered with negativity surrounding the rebranding of Halifax.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t be more delighted for the Mayor and Council to take this positive step towards creating a brand for our city. At the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to enhancing the prosperity of our members and to realizing Halifax’s potential to be among the top 3 highest growth city economies in Canada by 2018; one of the ways of achieving this would be to create a positive business environment through building a vibrant downtown core.

The organization in charge of this venture, Revolve, will be reaching out to residents for feedback throughout the process, to ensure they pinpoint the ideal image of our city.

With all of the major projects happening in our region, we realize this is a once in a generational opportunity to strengthen Nova Scotia’s economy. According to an article in, the last time our city had a brand was almost 20 years ago!

Just as our 1,700 member companies strive to brand their individual corporations for success, Halifax needs to brand itself as contender to live, work and play on a global scale.

The Mayor has deemed himself “Marketer in Chief” and we commend him on promoting Halifax on a global level and his continued work with businesses and individuals, to better understand how to grow our city – but he can’t do it alone. The awarding of this contract, to a local company, is a step in the right direction.

Instead of starting with “yeah, but” let’s start with YES!

Valerie Payn, President & CEO
Halifax Chamber of Commerce