Ashlynn Lily Ford
Ashlynn Lily Ford, JUMP Recruitment Specialists

A recruiter’s nightmare

I report to you today, utterly in disbelief and frustration, behind the doors of my lovely little office in Halifax. I have had it; I need to vent if not for my own benefit solely – but also as my responsibility to admins and recruiters everywhere. I feel the need to educate the general public if at all possible when I can, and here may be my sole opportunity. If you are unemployed and eagerly applying for jobs online, please learn from the following horrendous mistakes I will mention which should without a doubt keep you on your parents couch and/or buying no name KD.

I googled “what percentage of the world hates Nickelback?” The answer: “99 percent”. In the spirit of full disclosure I should admit, personally I would make up that one percent. Now, being armed with this information, what would possess an unemployed individual looking for gainful employment to make their voice mail recording “Animals” by Nickelback?!

I once saw a Boston Legal episode where a woman was fired from her job of 14 years, simply for voting for John McCain. Her sole reason for voting this way was wanting Sarah Palin as the USA Vice President, because “she had spunk and the USA could use a little more spunk.” The employer fired this woman on the grounds that she was dumb for coming to this conclusion. The single thing that would spark tempers as much as politics may be Nickelback music.

Every morning I sift through the dozens of resumes we receive each day, in hopes of finding some great new candidates to interview to work with our wonderful clients. Here lies my dismay: why don’t people answer their phones when they are hoping for a job call?!! I was unemployed before and I would spend the day applying to jobs, taking notes on where I applied, on what date, through what site, and willing my phone to ring – “Please please, make a random number call me, please get me an interview today.” This being said, I feel the younger generation and public that is now graduating from high school and out in the real world do not share this opinion or mind set. “Sup. Get at me” Is not an appropriate greeting on your cell phone, when you are hoping for a possible future employer to call you. If anything, simply put on a more professional greeting during your unemployed time span. Once you get your break, and are successful and hired— please feel free to change your greeting to a Drake song, Carrie Underwood song, Biggie if you will, Nickelback if you’re me… or whatever your little heart desires. But I stand proud and strong on my soapbox stating…. the time span of unemployment will no doubt last as long as your poor choice of voicemail greeting.

Be available; pick up the phone. We want to hire you! We want to help change your life, give you what we feel is the opportunity of a lifetime. I want to buy tickets to the next Nickelback concert and we can even go together! Just for now, make job recruiters all over the world happy; brighten their day; when looking for a job… pick up your phone when they call to give you an interview, and at the very least use a standard greeting. I am not demanding you change yourself, or who you want to be – I am just trying to go out on a limb and shed a little light on a matter than has baffled me since the day I took this job.

Sincerely yours from my soapbox,

Ashlynn Lily Ford

Ashlynn Lily Ford was born and raised in Halifax and recently joins JUMP Recruitment Specialists from Montreal, QC with a specialty in IT Recruitment and Account Management. Being fluent in both French and English, she is excited to work with Jump on their newest sector – Information Technology. Ashlynn is concentrating on opportunities and clients across Atlantic Canada and Quebec. She is also passionate about the hospitality industry and has strong skills in social media, marketing, and PR management. Ashlynn is as well the PR Manager for Ela! Greek Taverna restaurants in Halifax & Dartmouth Crossing.