Great job for grad, and grad helps business

Great job for grad, and grad helps business

Corey Aalders

PINTO Engineering Ltd. has a new go-to person for innovation.

Jason Landry, a recent graduate from the Civil Engineering Technology program at NSCC, is bringing lots of good ideas, as well as new technology skills to the Halifax-based engineering firm.  And he’s changed some thinking in the company while he’s at it.

“When Jason joined our team, our view on hiring a young person changed,” said Malcolm Pinto, President and CEO of PINTO Engineering Ltd.

PINTO hired Jason with the help of the Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) program.Jason says the opportunities at PINTO are vast and that he continues to learn.

“Employment at PINTO has exposed me to various projects like concrete, steel and wood building design, bridge and wharf design, as well as restoration of buildings and wharfs. What I learned in school I am applying towards these projects and, at the same time, adopting new skills,” said Jason.

Malcolm says Jason will have a job at PINTO as long as he wishes.

“Jason is young, smart, and capable, and more importantly wants to do well. In my eyes, Jason is a long-term employee,” said Malcolm.

The GTO program is one of many ways government is helping prepare young Nova Scotians for work and help them get a foot in the door to land good jobs here at home. GTO encourages small businesses to hire a recent university and college grad for a new, permanent, full-time job by providing an incentive of up to 35% of the first year’s salary and 12.5% of the second year’s salary.

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