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Danielle Daigle
Danielle Daigle, Lawyer, McInnes Cooper

Access to sufficient capital to fund operations, research and development, and other costs is a key challenge for start-ups and for some small and medium sized businesses. There are several typical sources of capital from which start-ups and SMEs can choose. Equity-based funding can be a bit tricky to navigate because of the securities law requirements that include filing a prospectus, a time consuming and costly process. The key for start-ups and SMEs is to fit the equity issuance into an exemption from the prospectus requirement – and a new alternative just became available. In May 2015, several Provincial securities regulators implemented a new start-up crowdfunding exemption, creating another option for start-ups and SMEs to raise equity capital in those Provinces.

To learn about the three key sources of capital for start-ups and SMEs, the three key sources of equity-based funding – two traditional and the new equity crowdfunding option – and some pros and cons of each, read McInnes Cooper’s Legal Update: New Kid on the Block – Crowdfunding Joins Traditional Equity-Based Funding Options for Start-ups & SMEs. You can read more of McInnes Cooper’s Legal Publications at

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