Jennifer Pierce
Jennifer Pierce, Member Services Specialist

Did you know the Chamber has a LinkedIn Group for Chamber members? Separate from our company page, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce Group is a virtual extension of the Chamber. An online networking space. A place to share and exchange ideas. A place to share member news and events.

If you’re new to LinkedIn, new to LinkedIn Groups, or perhaps are a member of some other groups that have an industry-specific focus, here are some tips and tidbits about our group to help get your started.

We are different from many groups in that one of our main goals as a Chamber is to help you promote yourself to fellow members. To do this effectively, we have created some different guidelines for sharing in our Discussion forum than some other groups you may follow.

DO feel free to share in our main discussion group:

  • Member news and upcoming events you want to share
  • Discussions you wish to have with fellow members.
  • OCCASIONAL (not daily) links to interesting outside information about your industry. Please keep it general interest on the Chamber’s page; there are millions of LinkedIn Groups tailored to specific industries and interests that are more appropriate for these posts.
  • Links to your own blog posts (again – not every one will be of general interest to the group, so please be selective!)

DON’T make it feel spammy. DO include a bit of information about why you are posting a link, to encourage discussion and clickthroughs!

DO let everyone’s voice be heard. In order to give everyone visibility and to respect everyone’s browsing time, please DO limit the number of times you post daily.

DO make use of the secondary discussion pages (Jobs and Promotions):

  • Post links to your own promotional material in the Promotions section
  • Any job posting that is for a Chamber member company and is located in the Halifax/Nova Scotia area may be posted in the Jobs section

DON’T post links to promotional pieces or job postings on the main discussion page. These will be moved to the Promotions or Jobs page accordingly.

DO help us help you – please flag spam or content that should be moved to Jobs or Promotions.

DO remember: If your content is flagged as spam the Chamber reserves the right to remove you from the group. Keep in mind, being flagged for spam puts you at risk of SWAM (site-wide automoderation) which can affect your participation across LinkedIn.

We want a fun, engaging and fair environment for everyone. Come join the discussion!

Jennifer Pierce is the Member Services Specialist at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. She can be reached at (902) 481-1227 or