Valerie Payn
Valerie Payn, President & CEO

There has been much debate going on recently as to whether or not Nova Scotians “have what it takes” to start doing things differently.

Those appearing before Ray Ivany’s tour around the province with the Nova Scotia Commission on Building our New Economy, and the hundreds of recent 4Front Atlantic Conference participants, are all saying the same thing:  We have many of the right assets, but we need a cultural shift.  A shift in the way we think and do business.

Well, to me, the Maritime Link is just the opportunity to make that shift.   And — dare I even suggest — an innovative shift.

At the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, we fully support the Maritime Link Project. We see the Maritime Link as an important step towards growing our green energy sector, both for the present and for future generations. It is also a progressive stride towards Nova Scotia reaching its renewable energy targets.  Targets which, by the way, must comply with environmental obligations enshrined in federal legislation. Achieving these targets will bring us an energy supply, within a stable price environment, that is cleaner and sustainable.

An innovative approach like this will provide new services and technology that we can export, all of which is very attractive to global businesses looking to buy our services, or to locate here.

Yes, absolutely, the UARB should and must do its job to protect Nova Scotian ratepayers. But while they are doing that, let’s just shift the negative talk to what it could mean for a future Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia, let’s not look back on this as another missed opportunity.

Valerie Payn
President and CEO
Halifax Chamber of Commerce