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John MacPherson QC, Lawyer, McInnes Cooper
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy, Lawyer, McInnes Cooper

Employers are entitled to mandate dress codes in the workplace, and even to discipline employees who refuse to comply. But a workplace dress code is a delicate matter requiring employers to exercise care when implementing it: one size does not fit all and employers should be willing to make alterations where they are warranted.

To help you assess or avoid discriminatory workplace dress codes, take our workplace dress code test to see how you measure up then check out our tips to help you size-up your dress code.

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John MacPherson is a labour and employment lawyer with 40 years of experience. He advises and represents employers in all aspects of labour relations, including the collective agreements negotiation and pensions, and has been involved in over 200 labour -related arbitrations and an estimated 100 administrative hearings. You can reach John at

Michael Murphy is a labour and employment lawyer. He advises and represents employers on a wide range variety of employment and pension-related issues, including human rights complaints and review. You can reach Mike at