Jennifer Pierce
Jennifer Pierce, Member Services Specialist

This post originally appeared on the Dartmouth Shore Girl Guides blog

On Sunday October 20 the 1st Eastern Passage Sparks and the 3rd Eastern Passage Brownies, part of Girl Guides of Canada, joined together for an afternoon of fun! We took the train from Halifax to Truro and then went on a nature hike through Victoria Park.

The excited girls gathered in the VIA Rail station, where each Brownie was paired with a Spark to be her buddy for the day. We were the very first ones allowed to board, and we had to walk all the way to the very front of the train, where we had a whole car to ourselves! Once the girls were settled they ate their picnic lunches on the folding tray tables in front of each seat.

As the train departed, exclamations ranging from “we’re MOVING!” to “why are we going so slowly?!” could be heard throughout the car. Then the girls got down to work on their scavenger hunt, looking for things like a railway crossing, someone waving to the train, a blue car and a cow. We saw all of those and more on our trip.

The girls also had a chance to make a felt kite hat craft and a ribbon-and-bobby-pin bookmark, as well as play “Guiding Words Bingo” for a chance to win prizes.

As we exited the train in Truro we thanked the VIA Rail staff and then headed off in the light rain to walk up the street to Victoria Park. There we headed though the pretty fall colours in the woods along the river, until we got to the waterfall. There we stopped and had a snack before heading back to the parking lot.

The Brownies went off to practice for their enrolment ceremony before the parents arrived, while the Sparks dashed through the suddenly heavy rain to the bandstand to play a game. When the rain let up, girls played on the playground until their parents arrived for pickup. The lucky few who remained when the sun peeked out even got to see a rainbow – a perfect ending to a great Sparks day!

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