Department of Labour and Advanced Education, Grow HALIFAX Partner

New graduates have a lot to bring to your company.  Knowledge.  Skill. Loads of energy.  And the province will help with their salary.

If you have a new, permanent, full-time job for a recent graduate, the Graduate to Opportunity program will cover 25% of their salary the first year that they’re on the job, and 12.5% the second year.


The program is available to Nova Scotia employers who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • A company with fewer than 100 employees, and/or
  • A start-up company incorporated within two years of the application date, and/or
  • Social enterprise, not-for-profit organization, or registered charity, with a recognized standing.

The job must be based in Nova Scotia and pay at least $30,000.  GTO provides the incentive up to salaries of $60,000.

In order to qualify, the new employee must have graduated form a post-secondary program within one year of the date the funding application is received.

How to Apply:

For more information including how to apply visit the NS Website:

“the skills, knowledge and creativity that (our new graduate) brought with him are already leading to new product lines and export opportunities, and our efficiency has gone through the roof”.

Heather Rosborough, CEO, Rosborough Boats