Corey Aalders, Department of Labour and Advanced Education

We’re committed to helping graduates launch their careers here in the province, and to making sure our businesses have access to the skills and talent they need to grow their operations.

Recently, we enhanced the Graduate to Opportunity program to encourage more businesses to hire women, people with disabilities and other diverse graduates.

Employers now receive an additional 10 per cent subsidy in the first year for diverse and international hires.

The ‘Diversity Bonus’ is expanding opportunities for diverse graduates and helping more young people make a life in Nova Scotia.

The Graduate to Opportunity program was launched in 2015, and provides salary contributions to eligible businesses that hire recent graduates. The offset is 25 per cent in the first year and 12.5 per cent in the second.

Now, employers who hire a female graduate in a non-traditional occupation, a graduate who self-identifies as a person with a disability, a racially visible person, or an Aboriginal person, or an international graduate, are eligible to receive a 35 per cent first-year subsidy.

Graduate to Opportunity has supported permanent, full-time jobs for more than 350 recent graduates

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