Chamber Staff, Events Department

If you had the chance to read Parts 1 and 2 of this blog series on how to be a great attendee before and during the event, then you are already well on your way to winning the hearts of planners everywhere.  Part 3 focuses on how you, as an attendee, can help wrap up a successful event.

Fill out the surveys/comment cards:

Having honest feedback really helps planners with continuous improvement. Sometimes they can’t see everything that’s happening during the event so need everyone’s eyes and ears to make it the best it can be. Pass on any suggestions or issues – but make sure to send the good stuff too!!!

Share, share, share!

Did you get a great shot of the speaker (or even a cute selfie of you with the speaker)? Post your pictures on social media! Tag @halifaxchamber and the speaker, and be sure to include the hashtag for the event so other people can find your post! If you have kind words to say about how much you enjoyed the event or the speaker, feel free to share those too. The Chamber often compiles stories of social media posts from our larger events, so you might even get to appear in one of those.

Pay your invoices:

If you have not paid for your tickets in advance be sure to follow up within a week of the event to do so. It’s nice once the event wraps to pull all the details (including financials) together and put a pretty bow on the event knowing all the details are taken care of!

If you are a sponsor of the event: 

Be sure to send your feedback and help make arrangements to get your materials returned efficiently. It can be hectic the day of the event and we want to ensure all your materials are returned. Label your materials and/or banners for easy return shipping.

If you follow the advice in all three parts of this series, you will be an event attendee superstar!

To see all of the Chamber’s upcoming events, please visit our Calendar of Events