Gary Hall, Sr. Project Consultant

When projects require niche technical expertise combined with strict precision and compliance, only the right partner will live up to expectations. Scores of providers will submit RFPs. Few will possess the technical versatility, situational adaptability, and fortitude needed to support clear business process management.

Organizations in oil and gas, healthcare, defense, and other high-stakes industries especially fret over finding IT project management services that deliver results in complex situations. When they entrust their livelihood to an organization like IMP Solutions and a Sr. Project Consultants like Gary Hall, they rest easy knowing the project will reach completion on time and on budget.

Creating Cohesion and Greater Security for High Stakes Organizations

One Nova Scotian organization knew they needed a partner like Gary Hall and the IMP team for a comprehensive initiative to be completed on time and on budget. Clear directives from top stakeholders required them to consolidate their people, practices, and infrastructures. Previously, their organization was divided into 13 separate entities, all with different procedures and systems. The lack of cohesion and standardization made data analysis and systemic reporting a nightmare.

Gary Hall and the IMP team outlined their vision for the client’s system, designing it to handle the reporting, management, and analyzation of sensitive data in a secure way. Upon making the presentation to the primary stakeholders, IMP was awarded the contract and began the comprehensive process of converting all divisions of the organization over to the proposed system.

“One of the challenges was getting a common language that people would agree to use across the system,” said Gary. “Any system that you’re going to use for analyzing data in search of process improvement, you want data that is consistently recorded and easily measureable by the people inputting the data.”

Gary and other members of the organization’s IT project management services team worked to create system uniformity and then configured the system to mirror the new cross-departmental standards. That required coordination as the IMP team, working with the client’s internal staff, assisted in the negotiations with the various entities and helped to create a general terminology standard.

From there, the IMP team also focused on implementing security measures that were in compliance with the standards created to keep sensitive data well-maintained. They focused on data integrity, access authorization, and data management that mitigates the risk of data breaches throughout the province.

After the system itself was configured, Gary and the IMP team were instrumental in organization-wide adoption. Clear change management, end user communication, and training ensured that there was little confusion about the new system’s capabilities.

“We wanted to make sure we efficiently communicated with the thousands of employees of our client’s organization” said Gary. “There needed to be the right amount of training during the adoption phase to communicate that the system provides appropriate levels of privacy and security for sensitive information and for the submitters of data as well.” That way, any privacy concerns were mitigated as quickly as possible.

The project was delivered on time and on budget, helping this Nova Scotia organization to enhance and standardize their reporting practices.

“There are incredible parallels across high complexity implementation projects – whether you’re working in the public sector, healthcare, oil, power, or aerospace. You’re bringing a specific background to any particular project, but lessons learned in all of them are applicable across the board. And in the end, delivering success in high stakes industries requires people on the ground who are willing and happy to work with you to overcome challenges and achieve that successful delivery of your project,” said Gary.

The Value of Gary Hall and IMP’s IT Project Management Services

Launching multi-million dollar technical projects is a monumental task. Most organizations have a sense of their desired ROI, but the logistics going from project inception to completion and ongoing support is outside of their depth. Gary Hall and the diverse members of the IT project management services team offer expert guidance to propel these initiatives forward.

Gary customizes each of the proposals to overcome unique organizational challenges. Sometimes he and the team assist, lead, or augment the implementation of products IMP resells to clients. In other instances, they provide consultant services that reshape organizations’ full technical capabilities. Regardless of the scope and focus, the IMP Solutions team’s core values and myriad technical skills orient them on the right path to resolve their objectives.

How does a provider of IT project management services appeal to the niche needs of various high-stakes industries? They build a staff with eclectic yet complementary expertise. Before joining IMP Solutions, Gary Hall built up experience implementing projects for organizations in oil and fishing industries. Since then, he has worked on everything from standardizing healthcare systems to improving defense industry logistics.

Other members of the IMP team possess comparable but unique backgrounds. This offers clients a customized IT project management team that understands their industries yet is not limited by shortsighted problem solving. “Our diverse backgrounds are appealing to our clients,” said Gary Hall. “We bring a certain level of uniqueness in perspective to each project in addition to our ability to integrate with the customer’s teams and methods of doing business. We not only work to understand their business for successful implementation, but we develop the relationships that make delivering projects successfully on time easier.”

Gary and the project management team work to get in the mindset of a client. Seamless integration with executive level stakeholders, the client’s in-house IT team, and end users is essential to accomplishing milestones within the project lifecycle. The nature of projects varies. The passion, innovation, and adaptability of Gary and the project management team are consistent across contracts.

Want to learn how people like Gary Hall and the members of the IMP Solutions IT project management services team can take your mission-critical project from inception to completion? Contact us to learn about our full capabilities.