Nancy Conrad
Nancy Conrad, Senior Vice President, Policy

Today is Administrative Professionals Day, one day a year when we recognize publicly the people in our businesses that, let’s be honest, are the behind-the-scenes superstars! While there doesn’t need to be a special day on the calendar for you to say “thanks” to your valuable employees, in honour of this day let’s take a closer look at what the administrative professionals in our lives mean. Special thanks to Suman Jha, the Chamber’s Administrative Assistant/Receptionist, and Kassinda Tolliver, Executive Assistant.

Ultimate Branding

Administrative professionals are often the front line of contact for your business. They are the customer service interface, the first smiling face your customers or visitors to your office meet. Their professional demeanour and welcoming attitude can make a great first impression for your brand.

At the Chamber, our front line staff need to have a good understanding of all areas of our organization, and the roles of all staff, to answer questions about the Chamber and to direct enquiries to the appropriate staff person. Su and Kassinda are the connecting link with our members.

Keeping You On Track

Administrative professionals like Su and Kassinda are the experts on procedures, protocols and systems within your office. They pay attention to the small details and ensure that everything is running smoothly. They keep meetings on track – with everything from coffee and water service and ensuring the cleanliness of the meeting space, to stationery supplies and tech support. They are tech savvy – they can bring up a presentation on the projector, clear a jam from the photocopier, and become the expert on the new mail machine.

What Does the Chamber Staff Say?

Administrative professional play vital roles in the lives of every office employee. They mean different things to different employees. Here’s what some Chamber staff had to say about our own administrative professionals, Su and Kassinda:

“Su’s welcoming smile in the morning always starts my day off right! Her support is critical to my productivity, and oftentimes she knows what I need before I even ask!” – Lindsay Best, Marketing & Sponsorship Specialist

“Kassinda makes my work life a much better place because she is with me.  She is “my other half” and we are a great team.” – Valerie Payn, President & CEO

“I could not achieve success in my role without the support of my team. It’s all the little things pulled together that paint the big picture which is what makes administrative professionals so truly important! Thanks for your unwavering support!” – Melissa Hawkes, Senior Event Manager

“Having efficient and professional administration professionals in our workplace such as Suman and Kassinda mean that I can move things off my desk that are actionable items that they can chase until they are completed for me.  Great communication and organizational skills go hand in hand with great administrative support and both these individuals possess these qualities.” – Gail Adams, Marketing Manager

“Admin professionals are the glue that holds an office together. They’re the people who know how to handle any situation, and they’re the people that you can count on to bail you out when things go wrong or something slips your mind.” – Eric Blake, Policy Analyst

“Pleasant , efficient , supportive, helpful, willing, able, detailed, considerate…” – Barbi Holland, Sales Consultant

“Su’s support of the member services department – with member enquiries, benefit administration, database management, ticket sales and more is invaluable for me and the rest of the Chamber team!” – Jennifer Pierce, Member Services Specialist