When you think about Halifax Water (if you think about Halifax Water) what immediately comes to mind as a business owner?  We would like to believe our business customers think that the service they receive is reliable, our staff are helpful, and they receive excellent value for money.  More likely however, business customers think about how utility costs impact their bottom line, and how traffic disruptions caused by infrastructure improvements impact their business and their employees.

Halifax Water wants to highlight some changes and initiatives that will positively impact business customers.

  • There are no planned increases in the water or wastewater rates in 2017, or 2018.
  • Effective July 1, 2017 the rate for stormwater service (Site Related Flow Charge) was reduced from $0.149 to $0.135 per m2 of impervious area.
  • A stormwater credit program was implemented for Non-residential (Institutional, Commercial, Industrial) customers effective July 1, 2017. Non-residential properties with stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) like retention ponds that help manage peak flows may be eligible for a credit.  Non-residential properties include multi-unit dwellings of four or more units.
  • Halifax Water has a wastewater rebate program that is available to customers who use more than 1,000 m3 of water in a 12-month period and can demonstrate the volume of wastewater they discharge is less than the volume of water they use. This is covered by Section 22 of Halifax Water’s Rules and Regulations.  As an example, large buildings or complexes with cooling towers may qualify for this rebate.
  • In 2017 Halifax Water began the rollout of new water meter technology through a project called “Customer Connect” that will eventually enable customers to monitor their water consumption online and manage their bills more effectively.
  • Halifax Water conducted a rate affordability study in 2017 to benchmark commercial rates for water, wastewater and stormwater service and compare them to other cities. Halifax Water rates benchmark very favourably.
  • Halifax Water is making significant infrastructure investments to ensure the continued reliability and quality of service. Since 2007, over $500 million has been invested in capital upgrades.
  • Halifax Water has increased customer communication and outreach to educate customers on topics such as the watershed management, conservation, and pollution prevention, compliance with wastewater regulations, lead service lines, and stormwater management. We need to work together to protect our resources and environment!

For more information on Halifax Water please check www.halifaxwater.ca ,visit us on YouTube, Twitter @HalifaxWater, Facebook or call our Customer Care Centre at 902-H20-WATR (902-420-9287).