Shannon MacDonald
Shannon MacDonald, Bullfrog Power

Everyone has an idea of what green energy is—solar panels, wind turbines—but did you know that your business can choose green energy as a way of taking action on climate change?

According to Nova Scotia Power, over three-quarters of Nova Scotia’s electricity is generated using natural gas and coal-fired plants. That means that the power your business uses comes from sources of generation that produce the CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change.

There is a way to reduce your CO2 emissions footprint even if you can’t build a turbine or put solar panels on your roof. You can choose renewable energy for your business—but what does that mean?

If you choose renewable energy for your business, you are paying a renewable energy provider a premium on top of your regular power bills. That premium makes up the difference between the rate green energy generators get paid and the rate they need in order to make their projects viable.  The role of the renewable energy provider is that they make sure that the energy you have supported goes onto the grid on your behalf and that it is credited to you and no one else.

Bullfrog Power is an example of a Canadian green energy provider. Bullfrog provides both a green electricity and green natural gas option for Halifax area businesses and across the country. Bullfrog Power’s green electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities, with at least 50 per cent sourced from its customers’ regions. Its green natural gas works in a similar way. The gas is sourced from a methane-capture project on a landfill where biogas is captured, cleaned up, and put onto the national natural gas pipeline, displacing fossil fuel-based gas and reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

But why should your business choose a renewable energy provider? By choosing renewable energy, you are reducing your environmental impact and helping to advance the growth of renewable energy in Canada. And by taking real action on climate change, your businesses positions itself as an environmental leader that cares about your community.

Just as importantly, you can demonstrate that your business can be successful while having a positive impact on society. It’s a concept called the social enterprise and it is one that is rapidly growing in popularity. In the past month, B Labs has certified its 1,000th B Corporation—a B Corporation is a type of social enterprise that meets B Labs criteria for environmental and social responsibility.

As more and more businesses make giving back to the community part of their mission, you may be looking for a good first step to move your business in the same direction. Choose green energy from a reputable renewable energy provider is a great first start.

Is your business looking to move toward the social enterprise model? Have questions about how green energy can help you get there? Share your experiences or ask me your questions in the comments!

Shannon MacDonald is a marketing co-ordinator at Bullfrog Power. For more information on how green energy can work for your business, visit or contact Shannon directly at