The Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia (IBANS),

Is your Business Ready for Severe Weather?

The last few winters have demonstrated that businesses need to be prepared for extreme seasonal changes in weather. To minimize damage and avoid disruptions to your daily operations IBANS recommends taking the following steps to protect yourself, your property and your employees.

Create a snow removal plan

Have a snow removal plan in place well in advance of the first snow fall. If you have a parking lot ensure you have a reputable contractor that carries insurance. Confirm shovels and salt is on hand, and designate employees to monitor potential slip situation and deal with them.

Plan for alternative power supplies
Permanent or portable generators may enable you to continue operating some or all of your electronic equipment. This will minimize down time due to power loss.

Create a business continuity plan
Whether severe winter weather damages your property, or only impedes employees from making it to work, business continuity planning can help you avoid having to completely shut down operations.

  • Make plans now on how you will notify employees of building closures.
  • Investigate ways employees can work from home in a storm.
  • Create a supplier contingency plan in case your vendor is unable to meet it’s obligations due to extreme weather.
  • Back up all data – secure files off-site or in a cloud format to allow you to get up and running again if you have to relocate due to damage. .
  • Speak with your insurance broker about business interruption or revenue loss insurance to assist your business with capital needs to pay bills in the event you have to shut down. Your broker can advise of other additional coverages to meet your specific business needs and ensure your ongoing success in the case of damage due to severe weather conditions.