Brian Rose
Brian Rose, Vice President

There are lots of great inventions and innovations, there just aren’t enough people who can take those great ideas and turn them into sales. There just aren’t enough entrepreneurs.

If you stand close enough to an entrepreneur you can hear the bells in their head go off when they see an idea that they can turn into a money making business. The good ones can’t walk down the street without sounding like Westminster Abbey as they get inspiration from hundreds of things that the rest of us take for granted or don’t even see.

We will have more to say about entrepreneurs and what make them tick soon.

The idea that got my bells ringing was about identify and developing the best entrepreneurs the same way the Chinese identify the best athletes. I was a little appalled by the story of that Chinese swimmer who swum such incredible times that it was assumed that she must have cheated. The reality was that she was identified very early as having the characteristics of an elite athlete when she was just a little kid and was then afforded training and status that allowed her to become the best in the world.

If what we need is people who will create jobs and wealth by turning good ideas into great products and service and we know the characteristics that make the best of these people successful then why don’t we find the people who have these characteristics but that are not fully developed because of age, training or circumstance and provide them with the development and resources they need to be elite entrepreneurs and turn them loose.