Brian Rose
Brian Rose, Vice President

Newspapers have a fairly simple rule: the less important a story, the farther back in the paper it goes. Now important doesn’t mean popular or the sports page would be the first thing you see in many papers. Important means “of significance” to the editors on behalf of the readers of the paper. Seems like a fairly understandable rule.

So why is the business section of the Chronicle Herald so far back in the paper? Most readers of the Herald are interested in business, are they not? In my rather biased mind the Business section would fit nicely in the third section, after the national and world news in the “In Focus” section and most of the time it is.

However, this past Monday (Feb 28th) the Business section slipped from the back of the Sports section to the end of the Arts & Life section. The last section, section E as in “Everything else is more important.”  The only reason I found it was that the cartoons were after it on the very last page of the paper. At least the news of our wealth creating, tax paying, job machine of the private sector was viewed to be more important than Sherman the shark’s observations about the comparative luxury of women’s washrooms which his wife called “Shangri-loo”.

The Chamber has eight publications to handle all the business news in the city and is currently working on two more. If the Herald needs any content they should give us a call, we would always be willing to contribute.