Becky Davison
Becky Davison, Marketing Manager

The Halifax Chamber had 9 individuals participate in this year’s Commuter Challenge, with a fuel savings of 40L, and 576km traveled via commuting. This is a great improvement from 2013 (7L and 122km respectively) and I had a higher participation rate too.

The Commuter Challenge, in case you missed it, is a weeklong event that coincides with Canadian Environmental Week. The initiative is a friendly competition of sorts to encourage Canadians to leave their car keys at home and find a more sustainable method to get to work.  This could be walking, biking, carpooling, public transportation or even working from home.

Since the Commuter Challenge of 2013, I’ve gotten quite comfortable relying on the transit system and hopped the bus quite a few times throughout the week. Thankfully, my route has frequent buses with a fairly direct route and with the added bonus of a $2/ ticket fee, I can’t complain. I used the time to catch up on my latest book club selection (800 pages – that’s a lot of bus trips!).

Prior to the Commuter Challenge, I had run to work a few times but thought that I would give walking another try. If you remember my earlier post the heat and long workday got the best of me and I broke down for ice cream half way home. I was hoping this wouldn’t be the case, and lucky for me the walk to and from work was better than I remembered and took me under 60 minutes.

The weather was starting to improve in the first week of June, and I really relished in my outdoor walking commute. Flowers were blooming, the sun was out, it was a great way to start the day!

I decided to give biking another chance as well. Driving a bike in Burnside resulted in an elevated heart rate, profuse sweating and stressed me out. Perhaps I would get confidence if I kept with it, but the recent tragedy of Johanna Dean’s death, while on a bike, on my exact commute path was enough for me to keep biking to where I felt comfortable. I allowed myself to not bike to work. Walking, running and the bus system were serving me just fine.

Three weeks post Commuter Challenge I’m keeping it up – despite the onslaught of meetings. I’ve managed to walk and take the bus a number of times, not everyday, but certainly better than before.

Becky Davison is the Chamber’s Marketing & Communications Specialist. She manages the Chamber communications including Business Voice, Outlook and All Ships Rise.  Becky develops content and works with members to ensure that issues are being covered and communicated through our membership and business community. Media releases, internal and external communications and managing web content are also Becky’s responsibilities. Becky can be reached at or (902) 481-1234.