Jennifer Pierce
Jennifer Pierce, Member Services Specialist

Once a quarter, staff at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce gather for a staff day – a day of either staff development (training, team building, and more) or fun. Recently the Chamber staff spent a day doing a little of both!

We started the day with a visit to a dietician. The Chamber tries its best as an organization to practice and promote healthy eating (except on birthdays when we do indulge in cake!), and so staff members were encouraged to attend the presentation and learn about the dietician’s “10 Rules for Healthy Eating”. My personal favourite was “WWGD” – that is, What Would Grandma Do?, the suggestion that if your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food, you probably shouldn’t be eating it. Staff were also encouraged to ask questions about their own particular situations – whether it be a dairy or gluten allergen, or living with (and feeding) toddlers.

After spending some time pondering our eating habits, staff returned to the office for the Second Annual Chamber Soup-Off. Four staff members volunteered to make soup to feed the staff, and each soup was rated based on its taste creativity, healthfulness, and more. Minestone, Tomato Garlic, Curry Cauliflower, and Healthy(er) Bacon Cheeseburger faced off, with Melissa Hawkes’ Tomato Garlic taking the prize.


To top off all of the soup, we had a delicious gluten-free King Olaf Cake from Scanway to wish farewell to Tanya Bellefontaine on her last day at the Chamber.

Once we were nice and full, we headed out to Beazley Bowling Lanes on Main Street in Dartmouth for a little fun and exercise. We took over three lanes and had a great time competing to see which team could get the highest average score. New staff member Gail Adams pulled off an interesting feat by winning both best team score and lowest individual score!

It was a great day of education, food and fun.

Does your organization host staff days? What kinds of things do you do when you get together? Does your company invest in education, staff development, team building, or something fun for its staff? Let us know! We’d love to hear stories from our members.

Jennifer Pierce is the Member Services Specialist at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. If you would like to request a member visit please contact Jennifer. She can be reached at (902) 481-1227 or