Lindsay Burns
Lindsay Burns, Marketing & Sponsorship Specialist

It would be hard to deny the impact small business make on our community everyday. In a city that thrives on relationships, it is clear that small businesses work hard to know their community and support each other. In preparation for Small Business Week (October 20 – October 24) let’s look at some reasons why we should celebrate small businesses in our province.


At first, small business many seem like they have little influence on our economy, but collectively, they make up a significant portion of our workforce. Eight-three percent of Halifax Chamber members have fewer than 25 employees. Also, according to The Economist almost half (47%) of the world’s richest people are entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial road is not an easy one, but we certainly have some great local examples of visionaries who have made their businesses thrive in Nova Scotia.


If you are a client who is working with small businesses, you might notice that instead of an “out of the box” solution, you’ll find a customized plan to directly meet your needs. Many small businesses have the ability to be flexible and provide very personalized customer service, which ultimately will mean happier clients in the long run.


Small businesses are notorious for supporting their local communities. Whether it is though sponsoring a kid’s soccer team or hosting charity events, it is apparent that many see the value in supporting their staff’s values and helping out the families with whom they are directly connected. And why not? They are our neighbours after all.


Small business owners have an incredibly busy schedule and are known to juggle many business activities at once. Thankfully, this stressful lifestyle is often accompanied by some flexibility that allows them to balance personal commitments and some leisure activities. It’s likely not a stretch to think this flexible calendar leads to happier families and allows them to have a healthy life-work balance.

Join the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and small business supporters to celebrate the incredibly challenging and rewarding journey of small businesses in our community. Stay tuned for information on a series of Small Business week events from October 20 – 24, 2014.

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Lindsay Burns is the Membership & Marketing Consultant at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. Lindsay offer customized client consulting, learns about organizational needs and find solutions to assist businesses with their challenges. She believes in offering great customer service, and always has a smile on her face. Lindsay plays an important role at the Chamber in connecting people to the right Chamber benefit, opportunity, program, person or company. She can be reached at or (902) 481-1236.