Brian Rose
Brian Rose, Vice President

I am probably a little older than the average blogger (and lets leave it at that) so I probably have more thoughts about blogs in reverence to other things than does someone to who blogs and social media are the standard way to write thoughts and communicate those thoughts. Professionally I compare blogs to pres releases and particularly letters to the editor and op/eds. Personally, I have maintained a journal on and off for years (more off than on I’m afraid) and as I was catching up on my entries to it was struck by similarity of the process with one notable exception – no one reads my journal!

But lets face it, younger online writers whether in blogs, websites or Facebook, seem open to posting their most person thoughts and activities for public consumption. Be that as it may, I am happy that a) people are writing and b) people record their thoughts over time. I wish I had kept all my musings over the years but I have not but I do remember being amazed and both the similarities and massive differences in the tone and tenor of my issues that I came across ten years later. Generally speaking this was not the stuff that I would post online.

While it may be a “democratization of opinion” the usage of the internet to promulgate the thoughts and opinion of every person who wishes to express an opinion one must to aware that their opinions will change over time, that acceptable thought will change over time, and that the internet has a very long memory. The flip side of this is that this would be a better society if we could accept that people can change opinions over time and that just because you may have been a follower of Milton Freedman at one point in time doesn’t mean you can support a liberal agenda later in life. However, the pronouncement by one US Congressional candidate that she dappled in witchcraft may have been pushing anyone’s acceptance.

The bottom line is that blogging can be a great outlet to inform and educate but it can just as easily turn into an indelible artifact that haunts you like a bad tattoo.