Lisa Francis
Lisa Francis, Program Coordinator, All Ships Rise

AllShipsRise_3spotThe Halifax Chamber of Commerce is hosting its annual All Ships Rise Networking Trade Show on May 13, 2015. The event has a fresh new look and theme and is sure to inspire business leaders, industry, and the business community to “Get the Edge” and get engaged! The focus of the trade Show is to provide information and connections to major projects and suppliers, training, support and recruitment. Looking to connect with an audience, get the latest trends, and start a new opportunity? This is your destination!

As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to provide content, contacts and contracts. Do you want to land a contract in the supply chain of a major project, partner with another business, or build relationships with potential customers? You will need to provide raw content that is direct and specifically targets the audience you are trying to engage. Get the contacts, by reaching out and connecting with other booth holders and participants. Make the deal, by showing how best you can service them and get those contracts.

For participants it’s about the atmosphere, attendance, and approach. As a booth holder, participants want to be welcomed and surrounded with a positive atmosphere. If you are in the room, be present and get engaged! Participants you’ll need to get out from behind your desk to get connected. Com out and attend the trade show. This is where ideas are sparked, and partnerships are formed. This is where you’ll meet contacts and begin contract discussions. The approach that booth holders take with the audience determines the level of participation. It’s that crucial moment where the participant can decide to stop for discussion or move on. Make sure there are no lost opportunities!

The All Ships Rise Networking Trade Show is the only show in Nova Scotia that brings together major business development, industry, and the business community! By creating a forum for business networking and initiating opportunities. It is an event to build and enhance relationships within Nova Scotia’s supply chain; keep informed on industry best practices and acquire the tools and resources needed to bid and win those contracts! In addition, the ASR Networking Trade Show also hosts a pre-reception for booth holders. This provides a more extensive engagement opportunity prior to opening to the public.

New to the trade show is the Business Connects: Opportunities.

Engagement. Growth, presented by Department of Labour and Advanced Education –

Supporting Businesses through Partnerships. A series that connects you with the right programs, grants and services to stay ahead of the curve.  The Business to Business Café will provide information and on current programming to grow your business and enhance your workforce.

As a business owner assisting to grow the economy of Nova Scotia, we encourage your company to participate. For more details please contact Lisa Francis, Program Coordinator, All Ships Rise at 902-481-1239