Gail Adams
Gail Adams, Marketing Manager

April 16th, 2:00pm, will mark the opening of the second annual All Ships Rise Networking Trade Show at Pier 21 in Halifax.  As the event builds on its foundation, exhibitors are noticing this year that the strategy for registration has been very focused on the types of business that will be profiled, what the audience wants to see and where the opportunities to build working partnership will arise.  Focusing on major project sectors and the industry sector associations that support the companies working with major projects enables the event to bring together key players, innovative companies, and service providers that collectively build a Nova Scotia support network for business development.

As the Ships Start Here campaign completed its work when the Irving Shipyard contract was awarded, All Ships Rise became a branded program offered through the Halifax Chamber of Commerce that aims at increasing the capacity, quality, productivity and skills of business in Nova Scotia.  Being involved in All Ships Rise offers businesses development tools to enable them to bid and compete on local major project contracts and beyond this, the necessary skills to further compete on the global stage. The April issue of All Ships Rise magazine gives businesses a great overview of the training programs offered to date.

Capacity is built by bringing companies together and demonstrating the opportunities that are available.  Organizing events like the All Ships Rise Networking Trade Show gives small businesses the opportunity to meet with other companies to build business-to-business partnerships and enhance the growth capacity for the entrepreneurial leaders of Nova Scotia.

Bringing an audience of skilled labour to this event lends itself to the discussion of possibilities, the introduction of innovation and allows the businesses of Nova Scotia to become positioned for growth through the eyes of development.

Are you coming on board?

Gail Adams is the Marketing Manager for the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, overseeing marketing and communications efforts. She also streamlines and is an idea-generator for the Chamber events and the membership engagement strategy. Gail works closely with staff to ensure the Chamber is constantly innovating and contributing to a brighter Halifax as well as providing staff with learning and growth opportunities within their unique roles. She can be reached at (902) 481-1230 or