Board of Directors

The deadline for nominations for the 2018-2019 Board of Directors is now closed.


Expressions of Interest will be acknowledged. All applicants were contacted prior to the posting of the official Nominating Committee report the last Friday in February. 

Report of 2018-2019 Nominating Committee

Click here for Board Competencies and to read the nomination criteria.

For more information, please contact Colin Bustard, Director of Finance and Administration at or (902) 481-1232


Our Chamber by-laws are reviewed every three years by the Halifax Chamber’s Human Resource and Governance Committee to ensure they are current and relevant. Any revisions are approved by members at our Annual General Meeting in the Spring.

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce By-Laws are available to download in PDF format by: Approved By-Laws 2016

For more information on the Board and our By-Laws, please contact Colin J. Bustard, Director of Finance & Administration at 902-481-1232


Cynthia Dorrington<

Cynthia Dorrington

  • Vale & Associates Human Resource Management
  • Chair of the Board
Margaret Chapman<

Margaret Chapman

  • Corporate Research Associates
  • Vice Chair of the Board
Mark Fraser<

Mark Fraser

  • T4G
  • Immediate Past Chair of the Board


Faten Alshazly<

Faten Alshazly

  • WeUsThem
Lori Barton <

Lori Barton

  • Beaumont Advisors Limited
Paul Bent<

Paul Bent

  • Self-Employed Consultant
Robert Dean<

Robert Dean

Saeed El-Darahali<

Saeed El-Darahali

  • SimplyCast
Captain Paul Forget<

Captain Paul Forget

  • Maritime Forces Atlantic
Gavin MacDonald<

Gavin MacDonald

  • Cox & Palmer
Stefanie MacDonald<

Stefanie MacDonald

  • Halifax Paper Hearts
Mark Sidebottom <

Mark Sidebottom

  • Nova Scotia Power Inc.
Richard Butts<

Richard Butts

  • Clayton Developments Limited
Michele Peveril<

Michele Peveril

  • Halifax Port Authority
Brad Proctor<

Brad Proctor

  • McInnes Cooper
Patrick Sullivan<

Patrick Sullivan

  • Halifax Chamber of Commerce
  • President & CEO


Carol MacMillan <

Carol MacMillan

  • The Shaw Group
  • Past Chair of the Board, 2016-2017
Robert Batherson<

Robert Batherson

  • Colour
  • Past Chair of the Board, 2015-2016
Francis Fares<

Francis Fares

  • Fares Inc.
  • Past Chair of the Board, 2014-15
Andrew Boswell <

Andrew Boswell

  • Nova Communications
  • Past Chair of the Board, 2013-14
Paula Gallagher<

Paula Gallagher

  • Deloitte
  • Past Chair of the Board, 2012-13
Ian Penny<

Ian Penny

  • Commercial Banking, CIBC
  • Past Chair of the Board, 2011-12
Jeff Forbes<

Jeff Forbes

  • Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette
  • Past Chair of the Board, 2010-11
Bruce Russell<

Bruce Russell

  • McInnes Cooper
  • Past Chair of the Board, 2009-10