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Brad Proctor, Lawyer, McInnes Cooper
Kyle MacIsaac, Lawyer, McInnes Cooper

Summertime, and the living (and for some, the working) is easier. But many construction-related industries are taking advantage of the longer summer days to make hay while the sun shines – and occupational health and safety (OHS) risks and obligations don’t take a summer vacation.

Most people know that a company itself has OHS obligations, and that it risks corporate liability if it violates those obligations. However, not everyone knows that the company’s directors, officers and supervisors share many of those OHS obligations and liability risks.

For 3 reasons for everyone – particularly directors, officers and supervisors – to take occupational health and safety personally now and throughout the year, read Brad and Kyle’s Legal Update: 3 Reasons for Directors, Officers & Supervisors To Take Occupational Health & Safety Personally. You can read all of McInnes Cooper’s Publications here.

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Brad Proctor is a Partner with McInnes Cooper and leads its labour and employment business unit. Brad has extensive experience in all areas of management labour and employment law, including occupational health and safety. He appears regularly before labour arbitrators, human rights tribunals, labour boards, workers’ compensation tribunals and various levels of court throughout Atlantic Canada, and is a Director of Safety Services Nova Scotia. You can reach Brad at

Kyle MacIsaac is a lawyer practicing labour and employment law, including occupational health and safety. He has appeared before the Nova Scotia Supreme Court and various administrative tribunals and has been actively involved in employment litigation and labour arbitrations. You can reach Kyle at