Heath Moore
Heath Moore, CPA, CA

As the federal election draws closer, the political parties are promoting their platforms which encompass a wide range of tax related promises. Some of these promises seem easy enough to understand, but others could significantly impact the amount of taxes privately held businesses and each of us can expect to pay going forward.

The focus of this Grant Thornton article is to comment on the positions that the three key political parties have taken as of September 18, 2015 with respect to a number of tax related measures, including: taxation of capital gains, corporate tax rates, personal tax rates, TFSAs, family tax cut, old age security, Canada pension and employment insurance, and the labour-sponsored venture capital corporation (LSVCC) tax credit.

Heath Moore, CPA, CA is a partner and the Nova Scotia tax services leader.  He is an income tax specialist with extensive experience providing services related to corporate and personal tax planning, complex corporate reorganizations, and mergers and acquisitions. He leads the relationships for many of the firm’s most complex clients including publicly listed entities, privately held corporate groups and high net worth family clients where his commitment to service and his knowledge and experience ensure their strategic tax and business planning objectives are met.  Heath can be reached at T +1 902 491 7750 or E Heath.Moore@ca.gt.com