Brian MacDonald
Brian MacDonald, Policy Analyst

Here at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, we know how important it is to create, promote, and maintain healthy workplace practices. In fact, we’ve been championing this for quite some time now. A work-life balance is encouraged, of course, and most catered lunch or breakfast meetings adhere to strict nutritional guidelines.

Perhaps the most fun and interesting way we promote health in the workplace is through our annual Staff Fun Days. Typically held in the summer, our Staff Fun Days are as important for team-building among colleagues as they are for each individual’s mental health.

Laughter and physical activity are no strangers to our Staff Fun Days, and this year was no exception. On Friday, June 17th, the staff of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce arrived at the office dressed in comfortable gear and eager to start having fun. At 9am, we boarded a pink double-decker bus, provided by Ambassatours Gray Line, which would transport our team to and from the fun activities we had lined up for the day.

We arrived at our first destination just up the street in Burnside: AlphaStrike Lazer Tag. Teams were quickly arranged and the competition began. After many laughs, shrieks and yells, we emerged from the darkness excited and ready to check out our scores. Further laughs were had when awards were announced, with our ruthless Accounting Coordinator amassing the most points per game and our stealthy Policy Analyst winning the bragging rights for the most accurate shot. We left AlphaStrike relaxed and in good cheer and with promises to return (and we definitely will).

Next, we headed to Bayers Lake for some indoor go-karting at Kartbahn. Staff members zipped, banged and bumped each other all throughout the racetrack.  When it came time for the final round, the intensity skyrocketed. With gritted teeth and white knuckles gripping the steering wheel, the eight finalists maneuvered the many twists and turns of the track. The winner was announced: “Tanya”, and Tanya Bellefontaine our Program Manager – Business Help Center, proceeded to grab a racing flag and do several victory laps to celebrate her win.  It was after her celebration, however, that we discovered the winner was actually Tania Crouse,  our Member Services Event Coordinator! This mistake was quickly corrected, the appropriate respect was paid to Tania Crouse and Tanya Bellefontaine went back to feeling like a loser (just kidding, Tanya!).  

After thanking the generous staff at Kartbahn for their excellent service and the use of their amazing facility, we hopped aboard the big pink bus one last time and headed for the renowned jane’s on the common to pick up our lunch and quiet our roaring stomachs. What can we say about jane’s? The food is consistently incredible and the owner and chef are strong supporters of buying local.  We each had a gourmet lunch-box which were just another example of Jane’s going above and beyond expectations and providing exceptional service for the customer.  

On Monday, we returned to the office refreshed and motivated to get back to work and quite a bit closer and comfortable with one another than before.  Thanks again to AlphaStrikeKartbahn Indoor CartingAmbassatours, and jane’s on the common for providing us with an unforgettable Staff Fun Day. It was a blast!