Heather Rushton
Heather Rushton, Communications & Member Engagement Coordinator

You enter the briefing room. The door shuts, and the lights go out. You’re standing in the pitch black, wondering what’s going on, when you realize the white stripes on your neighbor’s shirt and glowing, loudly, in the dark. Before you know it you’re shuffled into another room, suited up with a phaser, and find yourself running through a maze, being chased and tagged by people with different colored vests.  It’s dark, it’s scary, it’s fun – it’s laser tag, the newest trend in Halifax for birthday parties and corporate teambuilding events.

Michael Goud and Don Backa are the owners of this brand-new business, the only indoor laser tag facility in Halifax. Two months ago these entrepreneurs completed the planning phase of their brainchild and opened the doors to Alpha Strike. “It’s been busy ever since,’ said Michael Goud, sitting down with me after our tour of the jungle-themed maze.

The longtime friends both come from technical and management backgrounds, and wanted to bring their entrepreneurial spirit back to Halifax. Paintball, although fun, is limited by seasons and temperatures- whereas laser tag can be played anytime. It was for this reason that Mike and Don knew there would be a great audience for the game in Halifax.

Finding the right spot was the hardest part, but Alpha Strike now sits nestled amongst the rows of buildings facing Burnside Drive. Michael credits this location with a good chunk of their corporate business, explaining that people are popping in all the time to check out the location, which often leads to booking a corporate event or a birthday party for a client’s kid. Alpha Strike has been incredibly well received and already has an impressive mailing list of over 1,000 people and has over 400 members.

Michael and Don knew that the upside of joining the Chamber were far greater than just the merchant services benefits. Once things settle down for them, Michael and Don are hoping to do some serious networking out in the community. Keep your eyes open for these two new entrepreneurs at future networking events!